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Super intuitive and easy to navigate. It’s nice to have everything in one central location. Dispute is my one-stop shop for legal services and forms.

Sophie Belfiore

Property Manager in Arizona

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The most reliable platform for legal services and forms

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Why choose Dispute

We’re a technology-focused platform that enables everyone to access affordable and high quality legal services.

Library of official legal forms

Files thousands of cases in court using official court forms for all types of cases including small claims, traffic tickets, divorce, landlord-tenant and more.

High speed, automated prep

Unlike other services, your forms will be prepared in seconds on Dispute, thanks to state-of-the-art automation technology.

Enterprise features available

Integrate directly into your accounting or property management software to get a one-click solution at affordable prices.

Resolve your Legal Needs End-to-End Online

Get refunds and payments with proven demand letters
Choose a template, type in a few words, and send. It’s that easy.

Physical services handled printing, mailing, tracking

Strong templates proven to work

72% of letters get paid within 2 weeks

Write yourself or upgrade to a human writer

Get refunds and payments with proven demand letters
Prepare and File Court Paperwork
Prepare and File Court Paperwork
The only platform to file directly in court.

eSign and eNotarize built-in

Click a button and file in court

See your approved filing on your dashboard

Serve the defendant court papers

Find an attorney for complex cases
Getting a great attorney to help can be surprisingly hard.

Pick from a list of licensed attorneys who want to work on your case

Flat-rate pricing shown upfront

Find an attorney for complex cases

A legal platform that’s there for you

Disputes happen in life to the best of people. In that stressful moment, don’t get caught without a plan.
Get Dispute and protect yourself and your family.

Don’t be without a plan when you need it. Have your voice heard and resolve disputes quickly.
Members use us to solve all of these problems, and much more.
Refunds and Consumer

Airline and Travel Refunds

Rental security deposits

Cable, Phone, Crypto & other company escalation

Car dealerships & warranties

Home contractor work disputes

Business Transactions

Real estate transactions

Insurance claims not paid

Bank loan disputes

Business invoices unpaid

Seller Funds on Paypal, Amazon, etc.

General Legal

Family law and divorce

Landlord-Tenant disputes

Arbitration and Mediation

Estate planning and wills

Traffic violations and parking tickets

Questions? We have answers

Questions? We have answers

Pricing depends on the type of case you want to start and if you need an attorney or not. Our lowest options start at $19 and go up to $599.
Only an attorney can give legal advice and Dispute is not an attorney or law firm. However, for many case types, we do have a network of attorneys who can help. For supported cases, we’ll show you this option and the cost after you enter some basic information about your case.
We’re the only legal services company that works nationwide, is connected to the court system directly, and can handle so many different cases accurately. Our company and employees are based in the US and we don’t hide behind vague words. Give us a try - we know you’ll be happy you did.

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