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File a small claims case online in 10 minutes or less

Get back the money you deserve. We mail and file your paperwork saving you hours of time

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Why People Trust Dispute

5-Star Customer Service

Jasmine K.

Won her money back

"My roommate stole my deposit back and stopped talking to me. I had never done small claims court before, but Dispute made it really easy to figure out. I'm really glad I used them and got my money back!"

James C.

Resolved with Demand Letter

"I knew how time consuming smalls claims court paperwork was. Using Dispute was definitely worth it. They got everything right, even though I had to email them a few times."

Katie G.

Filed her case in court

"Dispute was professional and helpful. The website was very easy to use and their customer support picked up the phone and responded quickly. I'm very happy with them!"

Get Your Day In Court

Demand Letter $29
Send a Demand Letter

We use strong, proven messaging from our professional writers to settle your case out of court. In fact, 80% of cases are resolved after a strong demand letter is sent. You can generate, print, and mail a letter in minutes (seriously).

File Small Claim Case $79
Generate Court Paperwork Online

After you send a demand letter, we make it easy to generate your court paperwork online. We'll print and mail it to the court, or you can download the filled out form to file online. If the court doesn't accept it, we guarantee a free re-file. Court filing and service fees vary by location.

Court Service At Cost
We'll Serve Your Papers

After you file your case, you can use Dispute to get your case served by a sheriff or our professional servers. Don't spend time chasing down people you're suing. Send the pros to do it.

Why Should I Choose Dispute?

$10-20 print & mail
print & mail +
court fees
$29- $89
+ court fees
+ court fees
5-10 Hours
Long and frustrating
10-20 Minutes
Quick & Easy
1 Hour+
Gets billed by the hour
Slow, confusing court process
Easy by design
Let Dispute handle everything for you!
Usually difficult
Lawyers can be hard to work with
Nonprofit Help
Sometimes charities are available
5-Star customer support
Reach a human by email or phone!
Little support
Reaching lawyers can be a hassle

File a Small Claim With Us


Answer Questions

Give us the details of your case

Demand Letter

Most states require you to send a demand letter before filing. We will handle this for you free of charge.

File Court Papers

We can submit your filled out court papers to the courthouse and notify you of next steps.

Court Dates

We will notify you when your court date is so you know when to show up.


Status Updates

Get tracking numbers, email updates, and more.

Reduce Stress

Learning how to go to court is complicated. Let us save you time.

Fast Customer Support

Small claims court is complicated. Our support agents are here every step of the way to help with any technical problems.

Document Management

All documents we prepare will be saved for you and downloadable.

The Power of the Court...In Your Pocket

Dispute is the only service that lets you handle the complex paperwork, the printing, and the mailingall on your phone or desktop. We'll print it, we'll mail it, we'll handle it.

Common Disputes

Tenant, Landlord, or Roommate

Common problems include rent, security deposits, or damages.


Common problems include someone else being responsible for you going to the hospital.


Typically involves people not following through on contracts they signed.


Typically involves property damage.


Any other issue where you feel like you are owed money.