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Amicable divorces can be done more kindly, quickly, and cost effectively.

Get your case assessed and estimated for free by divorce attorneys competing for your case . Finish your search and move on today.
Amicable divorces can be done more kindly, quickly, and cost effectively.

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Why People Trust Dispute

5-Star Customer Service

Jeanette K.
Jeanette K.

Found an attorney to file her case

"Dispute was professional and helpful. The website was very easy to use and their customer support responded quickly. They saved me a lot of time searching for a lawyer and get my case going."

Jordan G.
Jordan G.

Filed uncontested divorce quickly

"Good service to find someone to file my divorce fast. I like that they don't charge upfront."

Harry L.
Harry L.

Filed uncontested divorce

"Better than looking for someone myself. Got a few options and went with one of the ones they found. Really simple service not much more to add."

A better way to divorce or separate

The simpler solution
Will Dispute work for me?
Yes if you want to get a divorce without fighting in court, want to resolve it amicably while asserting your rights, and don't want to spend thousands on lawyer fees. Start a search today without risk.
Will Dispute work for me?
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Find and Match with the Right Provider
We match you to the best lawyers and divorce providers to review your case with no obligations. Enter your case information and we'll find a list of licensed attorneys or LDAs who actually want to work on your case.Get lawyers to compete for your business and find a great partner to win your case today.
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You won't pay anything until you decide to continue with a lawyer and see their estimate. We are paid by the lawyers and LDAs directly. Compare offers from multiple providers and make your own decision. 80% of people find a good match within 1 week. Save time and search through Dispute.
Get pricing upfront

You're in good hands with Dispute

Answer Questions

Give us the details of your case once so real lawyers can give you an informed opinion.

Get Invites from Providers

Dispute will contact attorneys on your behalf and send you a list of who's interested in your specific case.

Choose Your Favorite

It's your case and your choice of who represents you. Pick one without pressure.

Get Your Case Filed Fast

Our software enables attorneys to finish and file your case faster and more easily, saving you time and money.

One and Done

Stop calling random phone numbers and repeating your story. Your concierge will handle it for you.

Serious Attorneys Trust Dispute

Attorneys and Legal Providers know our users are serious. Our badge of approval gets higher priority from them.

Easy Refunds

Get a 100% refund if you don't find a lawyer. Truly no hassle. We know it don't always work out.

Fast, Convenient, and Affordable

Handle your search online. No phone calls needed, unless you want. Get information and resolve your case quickly.
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How Divorce Can be Better

Uncontested Divorce

You and your spouse agree on the terms (property, childcare, finances, etc.). Faster and easier because you can file paperwork and often bypass court completely after the judge approves.


While ending things is never easy, resolving disagreements out of court can save tens of thousands of dollars, and spare family members from additional pain.


Even uncontested divorces require judge approval on the final terms, to ensure the terms are fair for everyone.

Payments Later

Legal services cost money, but we're working to make them better. With Dispute, you'll know the cost upfront before deciding whether you want to continue.

Efficiently Managed

Move through the process quickly. You will get a case manager, and attorney or LDA to manage your case to minimize delays and get you done quickly.