Level up lien management and get paid on time for every job.
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Modernize your lien management

The first software to streamline liens, in house. Prepare, record and serve job commencements, lien forms, proofs of notice online. Track every job and get paid on time.


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Modernize your lien management

Prepare Notices and Lien Forms Online - Faster and Easier

Instant Document Prep

Import job and property information from popular contractor portals and get all the paperwork you need.

Serve notices with Flexibility

Designate team members to prepare & serve notices, or leverage our managed service

Protect Your Job & Payment

Reduce the time spent on paper-shuffling by pre-filling liens, recording directly to county, and serving the property owner

Handle the Entire Liens Process in One Place

Commonly Requested Liens Forms

  • Forms to send the property owner a notice

  • Notice of Commencement

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  • Forms to file & record your mechanics lien

  • Notice to Owner: Intent to Lien

  • Claim of Lien, Recorded with County

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  • Forms to release your lien

  • Contractor's Final Payment Affidavit

  • Satisfication of Claim of Lien

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Send the property owner a notice

Before filing a lien, many states require that proper notice be sent to the property owner, as well as any other contractorsor material suppliers up the chain of command. This means if you are a subcontractor, you should send a notice to the generalcontractor in addition to the property owner.

File & Record your Mechanics Lien

If you haven't gotten paid, you can prepare, send, and file a lien. Completely online, included in the price.

Release your lien

Most owners will pay you shortly after you place a lien on their property, because they don't want to run the risk of losing their title. Once you get paid, go back to your Dispute dashboard and release the lien.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Dispute software do?

Dispute adds -on functionality to property management software like ContractWorks and Jobber by enabling managers to create, track, and complete the liens process for their jobs. You can track job-by-job statuses, digitally prepare & serve notices, file & serve lien forms online, and more. Book a free demo to see and learn more about the platform.

Who should use Dispute software?

Although anyone could use the software to process an accurate and speedy lien, contractor managers with 50+ jobs are the ones who typically benefit the most. A lien is required to protect the payment on each job and each lien requires at least 3 forms to complete. Most contractors and managers start off by using a spreadsheet to work and track these liens, but at some point, that's no longer sufficient.

Can I assign tasks to my contractors and subcontractors?

Yes. One of the the most common use-cases of our platform is for contractor managers who manage contractors and subcontractors spread across a number of jobs. Using Dispute, a company can have one agent who prepares cases and assigns specific tasks to local contractors. Tasks like serving notices, filling out proofs of service, and even physically dropping off paperwork in recording offices can be delegated to other users with scheduled reminders and digital signatures.

Can I use this software with/without a lawyer?

In general, you can use Dispute either way. You can handle some or all of the process yourself as a self-represented party, or you can delegate specific tasks to your attorney. The most common use of Dispute is for contractor managers to process all of the liens (from commencement to release) in-house, and escalate the lien to their attorney only if the property owner fail to produce payment. Dispute is not an attorney or law firm so we will not be able to provide any legal advice on your cases. If you need a local attorney, we can provide introductions to those we know.

How much money does Dispute save me?

A typical lien costs a contractor $300-$400. The two largest costs in the liens process are typically professional personnel and/or attorney fees to prepare the lien forms and the filing of liens. Dispute helps save you money and increase cash flow by enabling you to start and complete the liens process in one plaform in-house to help save cost on both aspects. The cost of Dispute is based on the number of jobs you manage which ensures you can always save more than you spend with us.

Talk with an Expert

Accelerate your liens management and protect your payment. Book a free product demo with a product expert today to see what Dispute can do for you.


Dispute is an online secretarial, mailing, and e-scrivery service. Dispute is not an attorney or a law firm, and can only provide self-help services at your specific direction. Your use of Dispute services does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Providing any information to any third party, including Dispute, may cause you to waive your attorney-client privilege even with an attorney.

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