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Thank you for your help! I probably wouldn't have followed through with this had I not found you guys. Thank you so much.

Denise L

Small Business Owner

Sacramento, CA

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Jasmine K.
Jasmine K.

Won her money back

"My roommate stole my deposit back and stopped talking to me. I had never done small claims court before, but Dispute made it really easy to figure out. I'm really glad I used them and got my money back!"

James C.
James C.

Resolved with Demand Letter

"Having filed small claims several times in the past, I knew how time consuming the process is. Using Dispute was definitely worth it. They handled everything, and saved me hours. Used them several times already."

Katie G.
Katie G.

Filed her case in court

"Dispute was professional and helpful. The website was very easy to use and their customer support picked up the phone and responded quickly. I'm very happy with them!"

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