Escalate a dispute with a company by starting an arbitration case. Resolve your dispute and move on.
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Simple arbitration filings for consumers

Prepare and file arbitration case paperwork in 10 minutes or less online. Get your paperwork and file online today.


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Simple arbitration filings for consumers

Prepare Case Paperwork Online - Faster and Easier

Instant Document Prep

Answer a few questions and get a prepared accurate PDF form for your case.

Legal eSign and eNotarize

Handle signatures in one place quickly and easily.

Resolve your dispute

Prepare your case and learn how to file, so you can resolve your dispute and recover your money.

Handle the Arbitration Filing Process Online

Commonly Requested Arbitration Forms

  • Forms to identify the right arbitration company

  • Your terms of service or contract with your company

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  • Forms to fill out and sign an initiation form to start your arbitration case

  • Claim Initiation Form - Varies by Arbitration Company

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  • Forms to file your case and wait for a response

  • None

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Identify the right Arbitration Company

Read the contract or terms of service with the company to see which of the 4 most common Arbitration companies they used.

Fill out and Sign an initiation form to start your arbitration case

To start an arbitration case, you have to fill out the right form with details about the dispute.

File your case and wait for a response

Take your document directly to the arbitration company's website and file it online. If you file your case as a "desk" case, your case will be decided without a hearing. If you request an actual hearing, you will get details to schedule a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Dispute software do?

Dispute is the easiest way to prepare, sign, and manage legal documents - entirely digitally. We have digital forms for all major arbitration companies, and other legal matters.

Who should use Dispute software?

Consumers who are looking to start an arbitration case, but want an easy way to prepare their case paperwork can use Dispute.

How much will it cost?

Our flat fee is listed on our pricing page. In addition, you will need to pay the arbitration company a fee, which depends on the company and terms of service that you agreed to initially.

Can I use this software with/without a lawyer?

In general, you can use Dispute either way. You can handle some or all of the process yourself as a self-represented party, or you can delegate specific tasks to your attorney. Dispute is not a law firm and cannot provide any legal advice on your case.

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Dispute is an online secretarial, mailing, and e-scrivery service. Dispute is not an attorney or a law firm, and can only provide self-help services at your specific direction. Your use of Dispute services does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Providing any information to any third party, including Dispute, may cause you to waive your attorney-client privilege even with an attorney.

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