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Small Claims Court

What does Dispute do for me?

Updated January 28th 2022

5 min read

Unsure if Dispute is right for you? Not ready to set up an account? Still researching? We get it. Here is a step-by-step guide of how Dispute simplifies demand letter creation and small claims filing.

What does Dispute do for me?

What does Dispute do for me?


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Table of contents

Step 1 Account Creation

Start your demand letter or small claims case by creating an account!


Information needed include: your legal name, phone number, the type of dispute you’d like to file.


Step 2 Select and Pay for the Service You Need

Do you need to send a professional demand letter without leaving your home? Select Demand Letter for $29.

Demand letter sent and you are ready to file to the court and get your filing served to the person you are suing? Select File Small Claims for $79.

Want to send a demand letter and begin filing? Select the Complete Package for $89


Step 3 Create Demand Letter

Dispute makes creating your professional demand letter accurate and simple. You will submit information on your case, the plaintiff (you), the defendant (the person or business you are suing).


Dispute’s Demand Letter tool let you edit your letter and see how it will look live!


After you submit your letter, it will be sent via Priority Mail and the recipient usually receives the letter within 3 business days. Keep track of its status on your Dashboard.


Step 4 Prepare Small Claims

Select the right courthouse for your case to begin filing. If you have questions about which courthouse to select, check out our article: How to find the right courthouse for your small claims case


Give us information on when the dispute happened, how you calculate the dollar amount you are requesting, and a few other short questions, then we will handle the paperwork from there.

Step 5 File Small Claims

Once you are back in your Dashboard, you can select how you would like to file your case. Option 1: Self Service means you print, sign, mail or walk the paperwork to the courthouse - do it all yourself.

If you'd like Dispute to take care of everything, choose Option 2: File Online Through Disputeand pay us the Government fee (we pass this straight to the court).


Step 6 Defendant Service

We also serve. You can purchase defendant service and our professional servers at Dispute will make up to 3 attempts to serve the person or business you are suing. Your Dashboard will provide you additional information and payment option.


Get Dispute to file your small claims case online today. Win back the money you deserve.

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