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Small Claims Court

How to Generate a Small Claims Document

Updated August 23rd 2022

3 min read

Dispute can help you generate a small claims document for the courthouse of your choice.

How to Generate a Small Claims Document

How to Generate a Small Claims Document


Trey Salm


This article will explain how to use the Dispute software to purchase and generate a small claims document ready for filing at a courthouse of your choice.


None! You can start on getdispute.com.


Step 1:

Click the “Get Started” button on getdispute.com, and after creating an account, start the document generation by selecting what type of dispute describes your situation.


Step 2:

Add how much you are owed and why.

Click “Next” to move forward.


Step 3:

Input your information, including the name and address of the plaintiff. If you are sending the letter on behalf of a business, click “Business” and add the information. Click “Next” to move forward.


Step 4:

Add the defendant’s information. You can choose to identify them as either an individual or a business. Click “Next” to move forward.


Step 5:

Review the information you typed in and click the red “Edit” if any changes are needed. Click “Finish” to move forward.


Step 6:

Choose the state on the drop-down where you want to file within. Then select the “Get Started” button under the $99 or $349 Small Claims service to continue generating a small claims document.


Step 7:

Complete the purchase page and click the red “Get started” button when you are ready to generate the filing.


Step 8:

Click the red “Start” button to pull up the document generator.


Step 9:

Select a courthouse. The courthouse will help us determine what paperwork to generate. You can click the red “How to Find the Right Courthouse” link if you are unsure what to choose.

Note: Dispute cannot advise on which courthouse to choose as it constitutes legal advice.


Step 10:

Confirm your case details via the “Confirm” button. Click “Edit” to change any information listed.


Step 11:

Confirm the party information via the “Confirm” button. Click the “Edit” button to change the details.


Step 12:

Now, you will be prompted to answer specific questions the courthouse asks on their form. Click “Start” to move forward.


Step 13:

Answer the questions that appear (questions vary per courthouse) and click “continue” as you move through the forms. You may have to click “Start” on multiple documents if the courthouse requires more than one.


Step 14:

Click “Finish” to move forward with the generation after completing all the documents the courthouse requires for your filing. Click “Edit” to change any details within a document.


Step 15:

Congratulations! You have now generated a small claims document. You can download it from our website, edit it, or continue through our electronic signature process for our support with filing the document.


If you have any additional questions about generating a small claims document, please contact us.

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