Are you looking to see if our software is right for you? Here is a guide showing you all the current Dispute services and how they work. Please read through and utilize our contact page at the bottom if you still have additional questions.

Demand Letter Services

Basic Demand Letter 

Our software can help you generate and send a demand letter to another address within the United States.


‎We will print and send your letter via 2-day USPS priority mail within one business day of submitting it within the software. You can generate and submit a letter for sending in 5 minutes. You can also edit a generated - but not yet submitted for sending - letter.

We can also help you resend the letter to an additional address or party. Please contact us for more information if you need to resend a letter.

Custom Demand Letter 

We can add custom language and revisions to the generated letter. This custom upgraded letter comes with the ability to schedule 15-minute phone calls with our support team for any technical difficulties. 


Small Claims Services

Our software can help you generate, sign and file a small claims document for filing at a local small claims court of your choice. 

Generate your Documents 

Generating a small claims document through our software only takes 5-10 minutes. We'll collect some basic information about you and the other party and then take you through the specific questions the courthouse asks. 


‎Once generated, the document is available for download anytime from your dashboard. Just click the red download arrow and you'll have a PDF of the document downloaded right to your device. 


‎Sign your Documents 

We also enable you to sign and notarize any generated document on the platform, so you don't have to worry about going to a local print shop - or worse, purchasing the right ink cartridge for your at-home printer. After the document is generated, it only takes a few more minutes to sign.

We have partnered with to allow you to sign and notarize from your phone or computer. It's free to use for any small claims document generated within our platform.


File your Documents ‎

You can always print your generated and signed small claims document right from the platform. But if you want to skip the step of heading to the court and figuring out how to file it yourself, we've got that covered too.

We charge a processing fee of $9.95 plus the court's filing fee, which varies depending upon the case and the courthouse.


‎We’ll confirm the courthouse where you want the document filed and have it sent to them in as quick as 2-3 business days. 


Refile your Documents

If your document is rejected by the court the first time around, don't worry! We will help by providing you with the rejection notes from the court and enabling your dashboard so that you can refile the document.


We will refile it for you free of charge ‎if it is our fault the court rejected the document. Otherwise, it costs $19.95. Follow the same flow you would as if you are generating a small claims document, and we'll have it back to the court for you in 2-3 business days. 

Additional Filings

We can help file additional forms for you once you have generated your small claims document at the courthouse of your choice. We aim to have the documents filed with the court within 2-business days. So if you want to change your court date or dismiss your case - we've got your back.

The option is available at the bottom of your case page. It costs $49 per submission. You'll be able to track the status of that submission - along with your small claims document status - on the dashboard.


Defendant's Service

We can help perform the defendant's service of your small claims case. For $85, Dispute will send a process server to one address of your choice. The server will attempt (up to 4 times) to serve the documents based on your provided information.

Please note that this service is only available in select counties at this time.


If the service is successful, we will notify you via email that we have filed the affidavit of service with the courthouse. If it is unsuccessful, we will inform you of the next steps via email and upload the affidavit of non-service to your dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Dispute handle defendant's service or process of service of my small claims documents?

At this time, we currently do handle serving the other party in some select counties. Please contact us if you are curious to see if we can help your case.

Can Dispute advise me on whether this case will win in court?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide our analysis on if you should bring your case to court as it constitutes legal advice, and we are not lawyers.

Can Dispute tell me where to file my small claims case?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service as it constitutes legal advice, and we are not lawyers. We do provide a list of the courthouses we currently cover.

Does Dispute have a way of locating the other party in my case?

We don't offer that type of location service at this time. You may want to contact a local "skip-trace" service for more assistance.

Can Dispute represent me at the time of the hearing?

No, Dispute cannot provide legal representation before, during, or after your case.

If you have any additional questions, contact us. We are available to answer any emails Monday through Friday, 9 am - 6 pm EST.