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American Airlines

American Airlines is one of the major airlines operating in the United States.

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Was your holiday travels distrupted due to unreasonable cancelled or delayed flight? Has the airline delayed or lost your luggage? Do you have travel credits or travel insuranace that the airline is refusing to honor? If so, you aren’t the only one and you can demand a refund form American Airlines through Dispute.

About American Airlines
  • P.O. Box 619616, P.O. Box 619616 DFW Airport, TX 75261 TX 75261
  • Customer Service · https://www.aa.com/i18n/customer-service/contact-american/american-customer-service.jsp
  • 1 (800) 433-7300
  • Registered agent · The Corporation Trust Company
  • Registered agent address · 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington Delaware 19801

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