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Do you have phone support?

Updated August 23rd 2022

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Learn how to schedule a call with our team if you need assistance.

Do you have phone support?

Do you have phone support?


Kaylin Lo


Dispute provides all users tech support through our various support channels, but we do not have an inbound phone number to call. A user who purchases a $349 Concierge Small Claims service can schedule a 15-minute appointment for support on utilizing our software.

This article will walk you through how to access that.


Purchased $349 Concierge Small Claims Case


Step 1:

Login to the Dispute dashboard at GetDispute.com and click the specific case you purchased Concierge services on.

Dispute dashboard

Step 2:

Look to the very bottom of your case management page for the “Schedule a call” button.

Dispute dashboard

Step 3:

Click “Schedule a call”

Schedule a call on dashboard

Step 4:

On the “Calendly” page, choose a day and time when you would like Dispute to reach out and give you a call.


Step 5:

Input your name, email address and phone number. Our Customer Experience Agent will reach out at the scheduled time once you click “Schedule Event.”


If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

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