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    If you feel you are owed money, Dispute can help get your money back. We do all of the mailing, court paperwork and processing. You just answer a couple of questions! Typically users select to send a Demand Letter to the defendant, asking to pay and resolve the issue. If this is unsuccessful, users usually proceed to file for small claims court. Dispute will generate all of the necessary paperwork and file everything for you!

    Demand Letters warn the defendant that it is the last chance to settle outside of court. In the demand letter you will state how much the defendant owes you & why. If this fails to resolve the issue, you can file a small claims court case. This is why the file small claims package is a good deal. We use a professional letterhead and strong wording to emphasize how serious you are.

    Small claims court is meant to be a fast, simple inexpensive alternative to a traditional lawsuit. Typically the most you can claim is up to $10,000, which varies by state.

    Yes, our users have filed small claims against companies like Tesla and Greyhound.

    Yes, court fees and cost are often rewarded to the winning party but every case is different and the judge will have the final say.

    They are typically $50+ but they can vary wildly depending on state and courthouse. Typically, if you win court fees are rewarded back.