It's no secret that air travel can be stressful. Long lines, cramped seating, and high costs are just some of the problems customers face when flying with certain airlines. But when it comes to customer service, some airlines really stand out for all the wrong reasons. In this article, we'll discuss the worst (and best) airlines when it comes to your overall experience traveling with them.

The Top 3 Worst Airlines For Holiday Travel

It may not be the most wonderful time of the year if you’re traveling for the holidays and dealing with any of the challenges that can occur. The best you can hope to do is minimize that by traveling on the "right" airline and hoping that your time at the airport is as smooth as possible. Forbes recently did a study of federal transportation data to determine which airports and airlines are the best and worst for holiday travel. Here's who they found to be the worst airlines for holiday Travel:

  • JetBlue - was reported as having the lowest percentage of on-time flights (69.61%) and the largest percentage of delays (8.25%). They had the second-highest percentage of late-arriving aircraft and the third-highest percent of flight cancellations (1.73%). Reports show that they are repeat offenders on this list, so your mental health may be better off paying a bit more for another airline. If they've ruined your holiday, you may be able to sue Jetblue small claims court for justice.
  • SkyWest - the name may sound unfamiliar but they are the largest regional airline in North America and are most often contracted by Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines. So you may have ridden with them and not even known it. SkyWest Airlines reports as having the highest percentage of canceled flights (2.12%), flight diversions (0.31%), and weather delays (1.22%) among the airlines reviewed by Forbes.
  • Spirit Airlines - Spirit Airlines reports as having an average of 104 customer complaints during the holiday travel season (November through January) for the five years that Forbes reviewed, ranking third highest for this metric. So it's particularly important to stay away during the holiday season. Spirit also has the largest percentage of aviation system delays among the airlines(6.82%). Remember, Dispute's here to help if you need to send Spirit Airlines a demand letter for payment due to a major issue.

Tips to Improve your Holiday Airport Experience

  • Get to the airport early - Have you ever heard this saying: "On time is early, early is on time, and late is unacceptable?" It may seem a bit harsh to live your everyday life like this but at the airport, it couldn't be more true. During the holidays, lines are longer, crowds are larger and traffic is more plentiful. By giving yourself extra time to arrive, you avoid missing your flight due to one of these issues.
  • Be smart about checked bags - More holiday travelers means more holiday bags which can only mean more luggage for the airlines to lose. You may want to consider bringing your holiday essentials in a carry-on and checking only items you can stand to be without for a few extra days - or worse, forever. This will save you the headache of having your holiday negatively impacted by a lost bag.
  • Secure parking in advance - The parking lots at airports - especially the ones that happen to be the cheapest location - tend to fill up quickly during the holiday. Booking your spot in advance can save you time and frustration when headed to the airport on what is already a busy day. Many airports now have booking-in-advance parking options if you contact them directly. It's worth a shot and you may even save some money!
  • Consider shipping your presents - I know it sounds like a chore to head to your local post office and ship some boxes to your family or friends for the holiday. But it's a worse problem if TSA wants to rummage through your wrapped gifts, or the airline loses your checked bag that was full of presents. Shipping things ahead of time can ensure you're only checking a bag of essentials while knowing your items are waiting for you when you arrive.

Holiday traveling through airports can be difficult. You end up with a cramped seat, after waiting in a bunch of long lines for a plane ticket that costs 50% more than it did the year before. So, when it comes to holiday travel, it's important to avoid some of the worst airlines and follow these tips to ensure you have the best experience possible.

And remember, if you had difficulty with an airline that resulted in them owing you money, you may be able to get your money back. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you think our software can help you with a demand letter, small claims filing, or another service.