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How to Sue Amazon [Guide 2022]

Updated September 1st 2022

4 min read

Do you have a dispute with Amazon? This guide provides all the necessary steps on how to sue Amazon in small claims court.

How to Sue Amazon [Guide 2022]

How to Sue Amazon [Guide 2022]


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Introduction to suing Amazon in Small Claims Court

Amazon can be sued for $10,000 in their home state of Washington in small claims court. In other states, it can be as much as $20,000.

People often sue the company for:

  1. Failure to deliver a package
  2. Failure to give a refund
  3. Failure to pay sellers and account suspension

The first step of suing Amazon in Small Claims Court

The first and most important thing to do when suing Amazon is to make sure that you sue the right legal entity. Big companies often own lots of smaller companies that are very interconnected, so be sure to review the contracts you’ve signed with Amazon for any legal entities they mention in your contract with them. By suing the wrong company, even if owned by the same parent company, you can have your case dismissed and you’ll have to file another small claims lawsuit.

Finding Amazon's Registered Agent

The registered agent of Amazon in the state of incorporation can be found at the bottom of this page.

See below to find the registered agent for Amazon in your state.

How to write a Demand Letter to Amazon

  1. On the top, in the address block, put in the company name and address:


410 Terry Ave N Seattle, WA 98109

  1. Next, put the subject line as 'Re: Demand for Payment'
  2. In one sentence, tell them how much Amazon owes you which you will claim in your small claims lawsuit.
  3. Then, in two to three sentences describe your issue. (ex: why you are owed for Failure to deliver package)
  4. Finally, state in plain language that you will go to small claims court if necessary. Don't say that you will do anything else, such as speaking poorly about them.
  5. On the bottom, include your name and address

How to send a demand letter to Amazon

After you write the demand letter to Amazon, you’ll want to send it to their registered agent so that it’s guaranteed to go to the legal department. Make sure that you get a tracking number for the mail you send them. It can become important evidence in your case.

Consider using Dispute to easily write and mail a demand letter on our professional letterhead. Skip the hassle of going to the post office or finding envelopes and stamps.

File your small claims forms against Amazon

You’ll need to find and prepare your small claims form based on where you decide to sue. Usually, people sue where the defendant lives or does business.

Then, wherever you decide to sue, look up the county small claims system. They’ll provide details on their website about what small claims forms are necessary.

Serve your small claims paperwork to Amazon

One of the last steps before your trial will be to physically give the small claims paperwork to Amazon. In order to keep your court date, you should hire a professional process server so that you can be sure all legal guidelines are appropriately followed.

Go to your small claims trial against Amazon

On the date of your small claims trial, be sure to arrive early and well prepared. Bring at least three copies of all evidence you intend to present, and if your hearing is remote be sure to have provided copies in advance to the other party and to the court. Failure to follow the strict local guidelines can result in your case being dismissed, but if you’ve followed the rules then you can often win by default when the other party doesn’t show up.

Find the registered agent for your state

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