This article will explain how to refile your small claims case documents after they have been rejected by the court using the Dispute platform. In short, Dispute can refile your small claims document quite easily if the court rejects it. This article will explain how to resubmit those documents for refiling.


Purchased and filed $99 or $349 Small Claims Case through Dispute


Step 1:

Access your account via the Dispute website located at and click "Sign In."


Step 2:

Select the appropriate case from the active cases screen by clicking “View.”


Step 3:

Scroll down to the Small Claims section of your case and click “View to see the reason(s) your document was rejected by the court.


Step 4:

Review the rejection reasons given by the court. Click “edit and refile” when ready to refile your small claims document.


Step 5:

Click on the red "Start" button when you are ready to refile. You will be given a chance to review and edit your case details.

Eventually, you will reach the "Review your forms" page, where you can generate the updated documents by clicking "Finish." If you need to change anything within the forms, click "Edit".


Step 6:

Click "Sign Document" after reviewing the newly generated document to sign the document. Or, click "Edit Document" to change something within.


Step 7:

Click "Confirm” when you are sure you want to sign the document. Click "Go Back" if you are not yet ready.


Step 8:

Choose either "Start” signing your paperwork now or ask for a later reminder from Dispute.


Step 9:

Confirm the document(s) you want to sign.


Step 10:

Confirm who is signing the document - name, email address, and phone number.


Step 11:

Open the link sent to your email and text from to move forward with the signing process.


Step 12:

Please enter your full name as you would like it to appear on the document.


Step 13:

Confirm how you would like your signature to appear on the form.


Step 14:

Add your signature where asked on the document, and once you have finished, click the blue “Complete" on the right-hand side. This button will take you back to our website.


Step 15:

Congratulations! You have successfully signed your paperwork. Click "Continue" to reach the last steps.


Step 16:

Click the red "Refile" button when you are ready to submit the signed document to the court.


Step 17:

Click the red "Start" button to continue with the filing process after reviewing this information.


Step 18:

Confirm the courthouse where we will be filing the document.


Step 19:

Confirm the documents you want to be filed.


Step 20:

Review the fees the court charges to file and move through to the payment screen by clicking "Pay and file."


Step 21:

Congratulations! You have successfully refiled your paperwork. We will reach out via email once we hear back from the court on the status of your document.


Thank you so much for using Dispute to refile your small claims document. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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