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How do I dismiss or cancel my small claims case?

Updated August 23rd 2022

2 min read

Dispute can help you find the courthouse information to dismiss or cancel your case.

How do I dismiss or cancel my small claims case?

How do I dismiss or cancel my small claims case?


Kaylin Lo


This article will explain how to dismiss (or cancel) a filed Small Claims document on your Dispute Dashboard. In short, Dispute cannot dismiss a case from the court on your behalf, but we provide the court’s contact information which will be your starting point for requesting dismissal.

Canceling a case on your dashboard will stop Dispute from processing your case. Dispute will not notify the courthouse on your behalf when you cancel your case on your dashboard.


Purchased and successfully filed Small claims ($99) or Concierge ($349) service.


Step 1:

Access your account via getdispute.com and sign using the button “Sign In” in the top right-hand corner.


Step 2: After signing, choose the specific case you want to dismiss in the "Active Cases” screen. 


Step 3:

Scroll down to the Small Claims section and note which courthouse the small claims documents were filed within.

small claims case status

Step 4:

Head to getdispute.com/courthouse and select the appropriate State.


Step 5:

Click the courthouse you filed within. The courthouses are sorted alphabetically.


Step 6:

Review the provided courthouse contact information. Contact the courthouse directly to request to dismiss or stop your small claims case.


If you have additional questions about dismissing a case filed through Dispute, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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