This article will explain how to use Dispute’s software to generate your demand letter. In short, you can generate and submit a letter for sending (via 2-day USPS Priority Mail) in under 5 minutes for $19.


Purchased $19 Demand Letter or Custom Demand Letter.


Step 1:

Login to your account via and access the “Active Case Screen.” Choose the “+ New Dispute” button in the top right-hand corner.


Step 2:

Choose the type of dispute most closely similar to your specific situation.


Step 3:

Add how much you are owed and why. Click “Next” to move forward.


Step 4:

Input your information, including your name and address. If you are sending the letter on behalf of a business, click “Business” and add your information. Click “Next” to move forward.


Step 5:

Input the information to whom you wish to send the letter - either an individual or business. Click “Next” to move forward.


Step 6:

Review your input information and click the red “Edit” if any changes are needed. Click “Finish” to move forward.


Step 7:

Select the “Get Started” button under the $19 Demand Letter service to continue generating a demand letter.


Step 8:

Complete the purchase page and click the red “Get started” button when you are ready to generate the letter.


Step 9:

Click the red “Start” button to pull up the letter generator.


Step 10:

Click “Start” to continue through the letter generation.


Step 11:

Review the mailing addresses. Click “Edit” if any changes are needed.


Step 12:

Select the type of demand letter template you would like the software to generate. Don’t worry, you can test different types before sending the letter.


Step 13:

Review the generated letter that includes your information and your dispute summary. Click the grey pencil buttons to edit any information. Click the white “Templates” button below to change the generated language on the right. Click “Review Letter” when you are ready to move forward.

generate demand letter

Step 14:

Decide if you want to enable the defendant to pay you online through Dispute’s platform. 


Step 15:

Submit the newly generated letter for sending by clicking the “Approve Document.” Congratulations! You are finished.


Please contact us if you have any additional questions about generating a letter.

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