You may be filing in a California small claims court for any myriad of reasons. Maybe you are suing Airbnb as a guest, or maybe you're trying to sue someone for slander.

Whatever the case, you will come across various forms that you may need to use. One of those forms is the SC 112a form. This article will explain what that form is, and where to find it.

What is an SC122a Form?

The SC122a form is described by the California self-help small claims website as the form that "tells the court that you served Small Claims forms by mail."

Serving the defendant is an essential part of the small claims process in California. Our guide explains how to go about serving the other party. But what do you do now that it's been done? That's where the SC122a form comes in.

This form asks the server to swear that they "placed copies of the document checked above and an unsigned copy of this page in a sealed envelope." If you aren't able to serve by person, or find serving my mail preferable, this may be the form for you.

You can find the form available on the California Small Claims website. You can download the form to fill out in pen or on the computer as a PDF.

What to know about an SC122a form?

  • The server mails the necessary papers to the party being served. If the party being served is a person, the papers can be mailed to his or her home or mailing address. If it is a business, the papers must be mailed to the owner(s) at the business’s main office. If the business has an agent for service, the papers should be mailed to the agent for service. 
  • The server then fills out a Proof of Service (the SC122a!), detailing to whom the papers were mailed, to what address, when, how (by first-class mail), and where they were mailed from. The server signs the Proof of Service and returns it to you to file in court.
  • Service by mail is complete 5 days after the papers are mailed.

The California Small Claims website states "…Mail service is easy but not very reliable because the court cannot know for sure that someone received the paperwork…" so you may want to check with your local courthouse to ensure the filed SC122a form was accepted.

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