If you enjoy a glass of Simply Tropical juice in the mornings, you may be entitled to reimbursement in the coming months, according to a class-action lawsuit filed in federal court on Dec. 28.

Coca-Cola and its subsidiary The Simply Orange Juice Company are being sued regarding one of their drinks called Simply Tropical. The lawsuit claims that Simply Orange Juice falsely claims its Simply Tropical juice is “all natural” when in fact it is not.

The Simply Orange Juice lawsuit claims the drink contains “toxic” and “manmade” chemicals called PFAS, which are commonly referred to as “forever chemicals” because they don’t break down and have been linked to several types of cancers.

No action can be taken at this point because of how new the Simply Orange Juice class lawsuit is. There has been no ruling or settlement reached.

Keep reading to learn more about the lawsuit against The Simply Juice Company and what your legal actions could include.

More details about the Simply Orange lawsuit

At the root of the lawsuit is the alleged use of PFAS used in Simply Tropical. PFAS, or polyfluoroalkyl substances, have been used in food and drink products dating back to the 1940s.

Although researchers are still trying to fully understand PFAS and the associated dangers, they break down very slowly over time and may be linked to harmful health effects in humans and animals.

Some of the health effects that can be associated with exposure to PFAS include autoimmune disorders, liver disease, increased blood pressure, decreased fertility, and cancers including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, kidney cancer, and thyroid cancer.

The lawsuit doesn’t explain what types of PFAS may be present in Simply Tropical or how much, but it states the juice contains PFAS that are “hundreds of times” over the federal limit.

According to the lawsuit, the Simply Orange Juice Company markets its products, including Simply Tropical, as having “all natural ingredients” and they have “nothing to hide.” This would lead consumers to believe the product is free from synthetic ingredients such as PFAS, according to the lawsuit.

Do other juices contain possible PFAS?

If you enjoy other Simply Orange juices such as Simply Lemonade, Simply Light, Simply Mixology, Simply Smoothies, and Simply Orange, you likely don’t have to worry about the presence of PFAS. Simply Tropical is the only juice mentioned in the lawsuit.

What action can Simply Tropical users take now?

Currently, consumers of Simply Tropical will need to wait and see how the case plays out in court. As of now, no settlement has been reached. If you have receipts from purchasing Simply Tropical, it’s a good idea to hold onto them in case they’re needed in the future to file a claim for reimbursement.

The lawsuit hopes to recover an unspecified amount of damages that will be decided by a court.

How to Sue Simply Orange in small claims court

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