How do I check on the defendant's military status?

This article will explain how to check on your defendant's military status, a question asked in some small claims filings. In short, Dispute cannot do this for you, but we can walk you through where to find this information.


Step 1:

Use your web browser to visit the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Website available at


Step 2:

Click the button that says either "Single Record Request" or “Multiple Record Request," depending on how many individuals' information you need to verify.


Step 3:

Login using an already established account or click the blue button on the right-hand side of the screen that says "Create an Account."


Step 4:

Input a password, challenge questions, and additional information as requested by the website. Then accept their "terms of use agreement."



Step 5:

Check the email address used to sign up for a username generated by the website and log in using the password you just set up.


Step 6:

Click "Single Record Request" or “Multiple Record Request” and then input the information you have on the other party. You will need to click "I accept" under the "Terms of Use Agreement" before clicking "Submit” to complete your request.


Step 7:

After clicking submit, the request will be made, and you will be prompted to download a PDF of the search from the Defense of Manpower Data Center. This document (shown below) will display the military status of the requested individual(s).


You have verified the military status of the individual(s) you may be taking to small claims court. You can return to your dashboard, answer that question in the Small Claims section of the Dispute software, and submit your small claim for filing.

If you have any additional questions about verifying a military status, please contact us.