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Macbook Butterfly Keyboard Lawsuit - Are You Eligible?

Updated February 10th 2023

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This article will help explain the Macbook Butterfly Keyboard lawsuit and settlement.

Macbook Butterfly Keyboard Lawsuit - Are You Eligible?

Macbook Butterfly Keyboard Lawsuit - Are You Eligible?


Trey Salm


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You may be eligible for compensation if you own an Apple MacBook sold between 2015 and 2019 that featured faulty butterfly keyboards. Apple agreed to pay $50 million in damages after settling a class action lawsuit in July 2022 and will begin to compensate people who qualify in the coming weeks.

Keep reading to learn whether you qualify for compensation related to the MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Lawsuit and how to submit a claim to Apple.

Are You Eligible For Compensation?

Although Apple has denied any accusations about claims the MacBook featured defective keyboards, the California-based company did agree on a $50 million payout to customers.

Apple sent an email to owners of MacBooks bought between 2015 and 2019 that read, in part: “Dear MacBook Owner, You are receiving this email because you previously reached out to our firm regarding your MacBook laptop. On November 28, 2022, the Court granted preliminary approval of a $50 million nationwide settlement that would benefit MacBook purchasers who had their “Butterfly” keyboard repaired. You can find more information about the settlement, eligibility, the approval process, and your options at www.KeyboardSettlement.com.”

People who received this email or own the following types of MacBooks released from 2015-19 are included in the MacBook lawsuit:

  • The12-inch MacBook
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro

If you are unsure which type of MacBook you own or the year it was released, click the Apple logo over the menu bar and click “About This Mac.”

How to Submit a Claim to Apple

To be eligible for compensation, you must submit your claim by 11:59 p.m. (PT) on March 6, 2023. Claims can be submitted by mail or online to qualify.

To learn more about how to submit a claim or to submit your claim online, visit the settlement website here.

Settlement members can also complete their claim on paper and mail it to the address below:

MacBook Keyboard Litigation Settlement

c/o JND Legal Administration

PO Box 91341

Seattle, WA 98111

To qualify for a settlement, be sure to include proof of purchase or proof of repair from the settlement member or Apple.

How Much Money Will You Be Compensated?

The amount of your settlement depends on which of the three main groups you fall in.

For example, Group 1 settlement class members are classified as members who had two or more repairs made to their MacBook Pro. They had the top case of the keyboard replaced within four years of buying the computer. This group is eligible for $300 to $395.

Group 2 settlement members had at least one repair made to their MacBook Pro and had the keyboard's top case swapped out. They are eligible for up to $125.

Finally, Group 3 settlement members had one or more keycap replacement repairs and are eligible for up to $50.

When Will You Receive Compensation?

Compensation checks are expected to begin being mailed out after a final approval hearing on March 16. This is pending potential appeals, which could cause delays in members receiving their compensation.

What Brought About the Lawsuit?

The lawsuit, which originated in California in 2018, comes after customers accused the software giant of concealing defects in the butterfly design to keep the computers on the market. According to the MacBook lawsuit, the butterfly keyboard design led to keys failing to type, mistyped keys, and keys that felt sticky when typing.

Apple’s reported attempts to fix the keyboard problems failed to resolve the underlying issues. In many cases, Apple replaced the keyboards with new ones, according to the lawsuit.

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