This article will explain how to stop a small claim submitted for filing with the help of Dispute’s platform. Dispute can’t prevent the filing of your document once it has been submitted for filing to the courthouse. But we can help point you to the information needed to request it directly from the court.


Purchased and filed small claims case ($99 or $349.)


Step 1:

Look up which courthouse you filed within by accessing your cases on the Active Cases screen. 

small claim case list

Step 2:

The courthouse your small claim was filed within will be shown at the top of the page under “Courthouse Info.” 

small claim filing information

Step 3:

Go to First, click on the state where your courthouse is located. The States are listed in alphabetical order.

small claims courthouses by state

Step 4:

Scroll down the courthouse list and click the courthouse name.

california small claims courthouses by county

Step 5:

Review the courthouse information and contact the court directly to inform them of your decision to stop the filing.


Please contact us with any additional questions about stopping your small claims filing.