What is the 3-Day Notice used for?

A 3-Day Notice to Quit (PDF draft provided at the end) is used in California by a landlord as the final notice before eviction of a tenant from a leased rental unit. This notice informs a tenant no further possibility of staying in their unit is possible, and they have three days to pay past due rent; otherwise, the landlord will file a case in court (usually an unlawful detainer action in Superior Court).

This form is typically sent after a 3-Day Notice to Perform or Quit, meaning it's a second notice that has to be served to the tenant.

Example free PDF of a 3-Day Notice to Quit for California

Here's an example of a document that has all the information included in the 3-Day Notice Quit requirement list above:

Example PDF of a 3-Day Notice to Quit form
Example PDF of a 3-Day Notice to Quit form

‎You can download the free PDF of this 3-Day Notice to Pay or Quit for California here.

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