1. A woman sues after being hit by a ball at a baseball game.

A Massachusetts woman has filed a lawsuit against the Boston Red Sox and team owner John Henry, claiming they were negligent in 2014 when a batted ball struck her. The player had failed to inform her that he might try to throw baseballs into the stands. As a result, she suffered injuries, including facial fractures and neurological damage. On Monday, ABC News obtained a video of her remarks at Suffolk County Superior Court.

2. Exotic Dancer Wins $6.4m

A judge in Missouri has ordered a strip club chain to pay $6.4 million to an exotic dancer who says she was a victim of discrimination and retaliation. The woman, Bianca Beauchamp, sued Rick's Cabaret International Inc., citing that dancers at one of its clubs were forced to share tips with management. However, talking about what happened on stage or behind closed doors was against the management policies.

3. Elderly Woman Sues Company She Can't Remember For Negligence.

In 2005, an elderly woman, Irene Finlay, was rushed to a hospital due to a severe knee infection. She'd never met her doctor—Dr. Jacques Roy—but he operated on her knee. In 2007, she took him to court for negligence because she couldn't remember anything about him. The jury awarded her $7 million; Dr. Roy filed for bankruptcy soon after, leaving Mrs Finlay with nothing.

4. A woman wins a million dollars after a hug.

Jennifer Connell sued her 12-year-old nephew for breaking her wrist when hugging him at his birthday party. The jury awarded her damages of just over $1 million.

5. This Criminal Case Seems So Open and Shut

In May 2014, Jian Ghomeshi, a Canadian radio host, was accused of sexually assaulting three women. The women allege that Mr Ghomeshi beat them against their will. Mr Ghomeshi has filed a lawsuit for $55 million, claiming he is innocent and accusing two CBC employees of conspiring to get him fired over his behavior and damage his reputation after ending their romantic relationship.

6. A man compensated for tripping in a hotel

While Richard Paey was eating dinner at an Italian restaurant in 2002, he tripped on a loose carpeted stair near his table and broke his leg. He sued Olive Garden for negligence and was awarded $58,000 by a jury of his peers.

7. Woman Who Fell into Cement Mixer Wins £300,000 Injury Case.

In 2009, Pamela Somerville worked as a clerk at a cement mixing plant when she fell into one of their cement mixers and broke her leg. She then claimed compensation for her injury and won over £300,000.

8. Man Wins $1 Million After Being Served Wrong Meal.

Adam Rippon ordered roast beef sandwiches one day back in 2010; however, instead of getting him roast beef, he got pastrami sandwiches instead. As a result, he later experienced severe stomach pains after the check.

9. Woman Successfully Sues UPS After Falling Down Steps

In 2005, Jessica Pittman sued UPS when one of its delivery men left a package at her front door and then knocked over a barrier and ran down her steps. As it turns out, Pittman suffered a twisted ankle as a result. According to CBS News, the jury awarded her 1.5 million dollars for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

10. Attorney Wins $5 Mil In Excessive Fines Case.

A jury awarded $5 million to a man who spent three years in jail for an offense that should have cost him less than $100,000. Douglas Carman was charged with failing to pay back a $25,000 loan from his mother-in-law—who eventually died. The jury concluded that high-interest rates equaled excessive fees and fines.

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