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Notice to Owner

Updated on Thu Sep 29 2022 |

When to use a Notice to the Owner?

A Notice to the Owner is used to notify the property owner that a Mechanics Lien will be filed on their property in Florida. The form should be completed and sent to the owner within 45 days of starting work on the project - be it providing labor or materials or the making of specialty materials.

Who uses a Notice to the Owner?

Typically, any party who does not have a direct contractual relationship with the property owner should prepare and send a Notice to the Owner as a way to protect their payment through the liens process. However, you can still send one if you have a direct contractual relationship (ex. Prime Contractors).

A subcontractor or material supplier should consider sending a notice to the owner to the property owner, the general contractor, and any other parties that contracted them.

Other exceptions:

  • Laborers- laborers who performed labor on the site and with no furnished materials are excused from sending this notice.
  • Professionals- Architects, Interior Designers, Mappers, Landscape Architects, Engineers, etc. are excused from sending this notice.
  • Site Workers- Excavators, Site workers, and anyone who performs work on the site to make sure the site is in building cond

What must be included in a Notice to the owner?

  • The name of the Property owner(s) & address
  • Owner designee name & address (if applicable)
  • General contractor name & address
  • A “general description” of the materials and/or work provided on the job
  • A legal property description where the job is located
  • The hiring party’s name & address
  • A list of everyone who is getting copies of the notice
  • The statutory “warning” language
  • The Lienor’s name & address (the person filing the lien)
  • Your signature (or the representative’s signature),
  • The date of signature

How do you send a Notice to the Owner?

A Notice to the Owner must be sent via certified mail or personal delivery. You must obtain evidence of the notice's delivery.

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