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3-Day Notice to Vacate (Curable)

Updated on Tue Oct 18 2022 |

What is this 3-Day Notice to Vacate (Curable) used for?

The 3-Day Notice to Vacate (Curable) is used in Texas when a tenant violates the rules of the lease and the landlord would like to provide two options for the tenant - to either correct the lease violation(s) or to move out in 3 days. In Texas, the landlord is not required to give the tenant the option to correct the lease violation, see 3-Day Notice to Vacate (Non-Compliance) for the incurable version of this form. A landlord is required to provide the tenant with notice prior to any eviction filings.

How to Serve this Notice to a Tenant?

Serving an eviction notice to a defendant is a formal process that may be used as evidence later in a court case. The PDF on this page contains a Proof of Service example which can be filled out by whoever serves this notice. Most landlords hire professional process servers. Acceptable methods of service for this notice are personal service, substituted service, posting, and regular/certified/registered mail with return receipt.

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