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30-Day Notice to Vacate (Lease Termination)

Updated on Mon Oct 17 2022 |

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The 30-Day Notice to Quit is used by landlords in Texas to end a month-to-month lease. Although this can often be done informally (by email or text message), a formal notice is required prior to a court case.

Is this Notice Curable?

No, the 30-Day Notice to Quit is not curable. This means there is nothing the tenant can do to avoid eviction. Other Texas eviction notices can be cured by the tenant.

How to Serve this Notice

Serving an eviction notice to a defendant is a formal process which may be used as evidence later in a court case. The PDF on this page contains a Proof of Service example which can be filled out by whoever serves this notice. Most landlords hire professional process servers. In New York, this notice may not be servable by the landlord.

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