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90-Day Notice to Quit (Foreclosure)

Updated on Tue Oct 18 2022 |

Used For…

The 90-Day Notice to Quit (Foreclosure) is used by landlords in California to require a tenant to leave a property they are leasing due to the property being foreclosed upon, and the tenancy will not be continued. A landlord is required to provide the tenant with this notice, giving the tenant 90 days to move out prior to any eviction filings. If the tenant remains on the property after the notice period expires, the landlord may proceed with the eviction process. The Notice must include:

  • Date the tenancy will terminate and the required “moved out” date
  • The tenant(s) full name(s)
  • The rental home address

Is this Notice Curable?

No, this notice is not curable. This means there is nothing the tenant can do to avoid eviction if they do not move out by the assigned date.

How to Serve this Notice

Serving an eviction notice to a defendant is a formal process that may be used as evidence later in a court case. The PDF on this page contains a Proof of Service example which can be filled out by whoever serves this notice. Most landlords hire professional process servers. Acceptable methods of service for this notice are personal service, substituted service, or posting. If substituted or posted, the server must mail a copy of the documents to the address served. Day 1 is the 1st day after you got the Notice. Then you count every day.

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