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Fontana District Small Claims - Fontana, CA

Courthouse in San Bernardino County, CA

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Important information

Courthouse info


17780 Arrow Boulevard, Fontana CA 92335

Hours of operation

The hours of operation for the Fontana Courthouse are on Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Court fees

Up to $100

Contact info

Clerk phone number

(909) 350-9322



Mailing Address

17790 Arrow Boulevard, Fontana CA 92335

General info

Court website

Filing info

Average days to process

2-10 business days

Small claims info

Small claims website

If you want to sue another party for a complaint like personal injury, property damage, or breach of contract, you might choose the San Bernardino Small Claims Court. Small claims cases have a cap of $10,000 for damages, but it's a very straightforward way to sue another party. Here's what you need to know about filing a small claims case in San Bernardino, California.

How to Contact San Bernardino Small Claims Court

Judges don't decide San Bernardino small claims cases at the county's main branch in San Bernardino. Rather, judges hear small claims cases in the cities of Barstow, Fontana, and Joshua Tree.

You'll use one of these three courthouses at the bottom of the page when the person or company you want to sue lives or conducts business in San Bernardino County.

Uses for San Bernardino Small Claims Court

Small claims court is a convenient venue when you want to sue someone and you don't want to spend years in court or secure a million-dollar settlement. You may sue another party for personal injury, property damage, or contract disputes, as well as for other reasons, like tenant/landlord disputes.

What Other Cases are Filed at the San Bernardino Small Claims Court

The Barstow District Courthouse hears small claims, family law, and traffic cases. The Fontana District Courthouse hears traffic and small claims cases. The Joshua Tree District Courthouse hears criminal, family law, small claims, and traffic court cases.

Alternative Locations for San Bernardino Small Claims Court

You have three choices for filing a small claims court case in San Bernardino. You can contact each courthouse to determine which location should hear your case. However, in most cases, the courthouse closest to you, the entity you're suing, or the location where they conduct business is the filing location you should choose.

What Types of Cases are Filed at the San Bernardino Small Claims Court?

Small claims cases are varied and include claims for property damage, disputes between landlords and tenants, and fights with homeowner associations (HOAs). You may also decide to file in small claims court if a neighbor damages your home, you have a dispute with a contractor who did work on your home, or you believe someone owes you money for a service or product you provided.

How Long Does It Take to File a Case?

Small claims court offers a streamlined approach to settling a legal dispute. Unlike traditional civil cases, small claims court cases usually take no more than a few months before you receive a decision from the judge. The court usually sets a date for a hearing about a month after you file your initial paperwork.

What is the Maximum I Can Sue for in Small Claims Court?

You can sue for a maximum of $10,000 in small claims court in California.

What Do I Have to Pay for in Small Claims Court?

Fees for small claims court range from $30 to $75 and are based on the amount you seek in the lawsuit.

  • Cases from $0.01 to $1,500 cost $30 to file.
  • Cases greater than $1,500 but less than $5,000, pay $50 to file.
  • Any case over $5,000 pays a $75 filing fee.

What to Expect for Small Claims Court Hearings

You won't have a lawyer representing you in small claims court, which means you must handle all of the preparation on your own. You won't need to know a lot of legal and technical jargon, but you should familiarize yourself with the standard procedures of a small claims court case.

You can expect to arrive at court the day of your hearing and sit among many other litigants. The court will hear several cases, one after the other. Each case will only take about fifteen minutes unless extraordinary circumstances exist.

How to Prepare for Small Claims Court

Prepare for your small claims court date as if you held a law degree. Dress professionally, practice what you want to say to the judge, and ensure your paperwork is in excellent order. Bring extra copies of everything for the judge and the opposing party and any witnesses you might call.

Sometimes, the County of San Bernardino offers workshops to help you prepare for court. They post those opportunities on the county's official court website.

FAQs & Notes About Small Claims Court

Can I use a lawyer in small claims court?

You represent yourself in small claims court. However, the advice of a lawyer may help if you decide to file in regular civil court.

Should I file in Los Angeles, Riverside, or San Bernardino County?

File your case in the county where your opponent does business or resides.

How long do I have to file my case?

Two to four years, depending on your complaint. The deadline for oral contracts is two years. Meanwhile, written contracts have a four-year deadline.

Helpful to know

Judge info

The San Bernardino-Fontana Courthouse apportions Small Claims hearings to different judges depending on the case number. Small Claims cases ending in the numbers 75-99 are heard by the Honorable Douglas K. Mann. Small Claims cases ending in the numbers 00-24 are heard by the honorable Robert Driessen. Small Claims cases ending in the numbers 50-74 are heard by the Honorable Winston Keh. Small Claims cases ending in the numbers 25-49 are heard by the Honorable Geraldine Wong-Williams.

Parking info

Parking is available in the parking lot in front of the courthouse.

Busiest time

The busiest time of day at the Fontana Courthouse is the hour of 9:00 a.m. Monday-Friday.

Transit direction

If taking public transportation to the Fontana Courthouse, Omnitrans offers transit lines in the direction of the courthouse. For more information about public transit lines to the courthouse through Omnitrans, go to this url.

Driving direction

Drive on the I-10 freeway towards the Sierra Avenue exit. Turn north on Sierra Avenue onto Arrow Highway. Then, turn right on Arrow Highway to Alder Avenue. The courthouse is on the northeast intersection of Arrow Highway and Alder Avenue.

Food nearby

If looking for a meal, Sundowner's Family Restaurant serves American-style comfort food in a relaxed environment. Located on S E Street, the restuarant is only a six mintue drive from the courthouse. If in the mood for Mexican food, La Tapatia Mexican Grill serves Mexican dishes. Located on Arrow Blvd., La Tapiata Mexican Grill is only an eight minute walk from the courthouse. If in need of a quick cup of coffee, stop by Redhill Coffee Shop for great coffee. Located on Foothill Blvd., Redhill Coffee Shop is a six mintue drive from the courthouse.

Other courthouses in San Bernardino County

Joshua Tree District Small Claims - Joshua Tree, CA

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