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Historic Courthouse Small Claims - Napa, CA

Courthouse in Napa County, CA

Last updated at 2022-02-11T04:14:39.969Z

Important information

Courthouse info


825 Brown Street, Napa CA 94559

Hours of operation

The Napa Courthouse and all of its offices are open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm.

Court fees

Up to $100

Contact info

Clerk phone number

(707) 299-1130

Mailing Address

825 Brown Street, Napa CA 94559

General info

Court website

Filing info

Average days to process

2-10 business days

Small claims info

Small claims website

Helpful to know

Judge info

The small claims judge at Napa court is the Hon. Richard Rybicki. Rybicki was admitted as a mediator to various Superior Court counties throughout California in 2014. Following graduation from Cornell University School of Law, Judge Rybicki practices labor & employment, litigation, and appellate law at his firm Rybicki & Associations, P.C. He served on the executive committees of the Napa Bar Association and the Napa Chamber of Commerce's Business Advisory Group.

Parking info

The closest parking to the Napa Courthouse is at the 5th Street Garage. Parking is also available at the Clay Street garage, Lot S and Lot 1501 3rd St.

Busiest time

The busiest hours at the Napa courthouse are from 11 am to 1 pm.

Transit direction

The best way to reach the Napa Courthouse on Brown Street is via the Vine, Napa's public transit system. See here for current schedules and to plan your route. The stop closest to the courthouse is 3rd St at Brown St

Driving direction

The Napa Courthouse is located in the downtown area of Napa. There are two nearby but separate Napa County court buildings: The Historic Courthouse on Brown Street, and the Criminal Courthouse on Third Street. The small claims office is housed in the first floor of the Historic Courthouse. After entering the Historic court and passing through security, you will be directed to the appropriate first floor department.

Food nearby

For coffee near the Napa courthouse, go to Le Paris Artesian & Gourmet Cafe or the Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Co. Both cafes are within a three minute walk of the court. Food options close to the courthouse are the Jax White Mule Diner and the Small World Restaurant. Located a one-minute walk from the courthouse, Downtown Joe's is also a popular place for quick burger.

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