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Taft Branch Small Claims - Taft, CA

Courthouse in Kern County, CA

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Important information

Courthouse info


311 North Lincoln Street, Taft CA 93268

Hours of operation

The hours of operation for the Kern County-Taft Branch Courthouse are only on Wednesdays from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Court fees

Up to $100

Contact info

Clerk phone number

(661) 868-5800

Mailing Address

311 North Lincoln Street, Taft CA 93268

General info

Court website

Filing info

Average days to process

2-10 business days

Small claims info

Small claims website

Helpful to know

Judge info

The presiding supervising judge at the Lamont Courthouse is the Honorable Michael Dellostritto. Dellostritto, a Democrat, is a graduate of the Pepperdine School of Law. Before being appointed to the bench, Dellostrtritto spent his career working as a solo criminal defense attorney. He has been on the bench since 2008.

Parking info

The Taft Courthouse has parking available in parking lot of the courthouse complex.

Busiest time

As the courthouse is only open one day of the week for four hours, the courthouse is likely busiest during the short interval when it is open.

Transit direction

If taking public transit, Kern County Public Transit and Taft Area Transit provide routes in lines in the direction of the courthouse. For more information about the public transit lines and routes provided by Kern County Transit, go to the following url. For more information about public transit lines and routes provded by Taft Area transit, go to the following url.

Driving direction

Make a right turn towards the Court/Sheriff Department complex and then make a left turn into the driveway. Drive to the back of the complex and turn right to find the court's parking lot. The Courthouse is the first building on the right.

Food nearby

If in need of a meal, consider going to Tacos y Mariscos Casa Tavarez for authentic Mexican cuisine. Located on Kern St., the restaurant is a four minute drive from the courthouse. Another option for a full meal is Jo's Restaurant. Jo's Restaurant serves burgers and other entrees. Located on Kern St., Jo's Restaurant is only a three minute drive from the Taft Courthouse. For a quick cup of coffee before or after going to the Taft Courthouse, there is a Starbucks on Kern St., just a 1 minute drive or 10 minute walk to the courthouse.

Other courthouses in Kern County

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